Welcome to the HCV Advocate Clinical Trials Reference Guide.

This Reference Guide offers information about various clinical trials related to hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV/HCV coinfection.

Please note:  HCSP/HCV Advocate does not sponsor or receive any compensation for listing any clinical trials.  Furthermore, the studies we list on the site should not be viewed as a promotion of the study.  The sole purpose of this site is to provide a service to the hepatitis C community.

The source for the Reference Guide is www.clinicaltrials.gov.  The clinical studies listed in this resource are from around the world.  I will update this resource on a regular basis but I encourage our readers to be proactive and go to www.clinicaltrials.gov –type in ‘HCV’ and the results will be listed. You can narrow down the results by further refining the search results.

The top menu has the following tabs:

  • Commonly Used Terms lists definitions included in our Reference Guide.
  • The Category Tree lists the various ways we have categorized the studies for searching in our Reference Guide.
  • How to Evaluate a Clinical Trial is a brief overview of clinical trials and important questions to review and ask before volunteering to enroll in a clinical trial.
  • Drug Pipeline provides an overview of drugs that are in development to treat hepatitis C.  The information included in the Drug Pipeline may help our readers in their decision-making process.
  • HepC Medications Blog lists all of the interferon-free therapies approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hepatitis C.


Searching for a clinical trial:

Pick a category from the list on the right-hand side.  For instance, the Genotype tab lists the six genotypes.  Additionally, you can search by genotype 1a or 1b.    Pick one of them—genotype 1—and the clinical trials for genotype 1 will be listed.  If you want a study that is recruiting patients in the United Kingdom; find that category ‘Country’, click on it .  The studies that are currently recruiting patients in the United Kingdom will be listed.  Note:  you can only search by one category at a time.


All of the results for that category will be listed.  I have written a brief overview or copied the description from www.clinicaltrials.gov of each study.  The title of the study will be listed below my overview.  Click on the study title to be connected with the complete description that is listed on www.clinicaltrials.gov .

Please note:  some of the studies are listed as not recruiting patients.  However, that information may be old or not updated.  You may want to contact the study sponsors to find out the current information.

I hope this information is helpful.  I encourage our readers to email me with suggestions on how to make this Reference Guide easier to navigate and help people find clinical trials.

If you have a clinical trial that is recruiting patients and you would like listed in our Reference Guide, send the study details with its link on www.clinicaltrials.gov to me at .


Alan and the staff of HCV Advocate.org

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